COVID & Post COVID Selling Skills: 4-Part Series

Business today is different, and those who have not adapted are running into a lot of trouble. Some people are determined to wait it out. And while we'd all like to believe that we can all just return to business as usual when the pandemic is over, it is very unlikely that will be the case.

For that reason, the skills we learn and implement now will be critical to our selling efforts going forward.

In this 4 Part Series, you'll discover:

  • How to Use Facebook: Your Profile, Pages & Groups
  • Using LinkedIn, YouTube & Video
  • Connecting with Video Meetings & Conferencing
  • Getting Leads Online
  • ...and much more
  • PLUS: Get the audio, video and text of each lesson.
  • PLUS: Ask any questions you have and get a personal response.


Selling Skills #1

Facebook Profiles, Pages & Groups

Selling Skills #2

LinkedIn, YouTube, Video

Selling Skills #3

Video Meetings & Conferencing

Selling Skills #4

Getting Leads Online

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