Every Market Has Leaders Who Dominate and Competitors Who Follow and Fight for Scraps

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To maintain the intimate nature of this group, the number of participants is strictly limited.

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  • Bonus 2: Access to three (3) Total Market Domination Q & A Videos addressing my clients top questions about creating top of mind awareness and dominating their markets.
  • Bonus 3: Exclusive, One-on-One Strategy Session. Let's tailor this course to address your specific situation.
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Here's what you’ll learn as a part of the Total Market Domination special community:

  • Prepare to Dominate - Get grounded in a mindset of leadership, awareness creation and market domination. As you begin to see the vision of what your business can become, you'll have a much better idea of where you're going along with the actions that will get you there.
  • Identify Your Markets and Sub-Markets - When you don't have the resources to market to everyone, you have to decide who to go after and who to leave to your competitors. Do this correctly and you can begin dominating almost immediately, even on a limited budget!
  • Select Your High Value Targets - Market domination means interacting with other leaders. That starts with identifying the people you most need to reach.
  • Craft Your Communication - Market leaders think, act and communicate differently than the rest of the population. That's why your messaging is a such critical part of the training.
  • Initiate First Contact - This is where the rubber meets the road and you initiate simultaneous contact with the top buyers in your designated market.
  • Master Strategic Follow-Up & Qualification - Sales are most often lost to sloppy, annoying or inadequate follow-up. This will not be you.
  • Master Segmentation Strategy - Different prospects will often be in different stages of buying readiness, so you can't speak to everyone the same way. By mastering your segmentation strategy, you'll say the right things to the right people at the right time.
  • Maintain Visibility - If you've ever gone back to a prospect and found they bought from someone else, you'll recognize the importance of this skill. Discover how to stay present and top of mind even when you're not physically there.
  • Automate Lead Generation and Follow-Up - If you want to build your business to scale, it can't depend entirely on you. It's time to delegate to technology so you can engage people, even when you're off doing other things.
  • Close Like the Wind - As you begin to dominate your market, closing sales becomes a lot easier, because people already know they want to do business with you. But you'll still need to seal the deal. That's what this session is about.
  • Review Your Results - Dominating your market is like showering. It's not something you do once. By reviewing our results, we evaluate the success of our previous efforts to determine our plans going forward.
  • Identify Opportunity & Repeat - The purpose of each market domination initiative is to identify what worked, eliminate what didn't and expand our reach. As we do that, we gain more clients, build our reputation and dominate more of the markets we target.
  • Remember: Market Domination is not an event. It's a lifestyle.

To maintain the intimate nature of this group, the number of participants is strictly limited.

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