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Total Market Domination
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Total Market Domination
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Total Market Domination

Q & A Video 1

In this video, we address the following questions about creating top of mind awareness and dominating your market:

  • 00:27 - How do I grow when I'm already very busy?
  • 02:59 - How to break into a totally unfamiliar market?
  • 05:45 - How to think outside my box and be BIGGER than I feel. I know I'm my own worst enemy sometimes. LOL
  • 07:49 - To me total means all, nothing is all inclusive. Getting products to people who need the products, that's what we do every day. and Domination - not for us. We want to do a good job for our customers. Don't want to dominate anything --- so in other words, I don't think I have a question for you. Sorry. But I admire you trying to take this on.
  • 10:35 - How do you gain the edge over other local competitors.
  • 12:35 - How can we create an online platform that caters to our vertical market efficiently and effectively?
  • 13:09 - What 1 ONE thing should I do? Simple.BE OLD SCHOOL PROFESSIONAL. Why don't my competitors answer your phone, return phone calls,make appointments,be on time,actually show up, follow up and follow the order all the way through.
  • 14:52 - How to I acquire and retain clients that actually actually allow me to make some profit?
  • 16:47 - I don't think such a situation exists in our markets served.
  • 18:19 - What's the best approach and follow-up(s) in order to get that initial door to open and get that ever-so important face-to-face appointment?
  • 21:35 - How can this be done in a streamline fashion and avoid/eliminate "time stealers" during the process?
  • 23:02 - How is this course different from other courses you offer such as as to get to $1M in clients, or 30 Days to Success, etc?

What is the Single Biggest Question you would like to have answered about creating top of mind awareness and dominating your market?

3 responses to “TMD Q & A Video 1”

  1. Hey David, When identifying an A+ Prospect, I know that The most important part of is creating a relationship first.
    what are some ideas for communication with emails or leaving voicemails on a monthly or every 2 month basis.
    If I use linked in to learn about my prospect and send a personal email to my prospect, I sometimes feel that it may appear that I’m trying too hard and the prospect picks up on it. What are some suggestions in how to structure a sales message?

    • Hey Bart, great questions!

      1. When you talk about ideas for communication with emails or leaving voicemails on a regular basis, it’s what I refer to as a “drip campaign.” Essentially, you’re dripping out content over a period of time. Rather than typing it all here, I’m going to direct you to a YouTube video I did on this topic many years ago (I look quite a bit younger there!) But today, when I reviewed the video, I saw that every point was just as valid now as the day it was recorded. You can click here to watch that video. If you have additional questions after watching it, just post them below on this page.

      2. If you use LinkedIn to find prospects and send a personal email, it only comes across as trying too hard if you don’t provide value in the communication (i.e. if you go all “salesy” on them.) I wouldn’t recommend leading with a sales message, I would recommend leading with an introduction about why you’re contacting them (most likely you saw something on their profile) and asking to connect. After that, “like” a few of their posts, engage with them, then, after you’ve established a bit of rapport, send a private message asking a question from your lead qualification procedure — like, “Hi Jim, just wondering… what sort of events does your company have coming up in the next 90 days or so?” If the prospect replies, continue the conversation just as you would with an in-person prospect. Hope this helps!

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