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The Promo Sales Hiring Guide

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If you plan to build your business by hiring salespeople, then I hope you found The Promo Sales Hiring Guide: How to Recruit, Hire, Train, Motivate and Keep a World-Class Promotional Products Sales Team to be helpful.

The report covered:

  • The Two Primary Methods of Recruiting Industry Salespeople
  • Where to Look for New Recruits
  • How to Use Training as a Profit Center
  • The 9 Steps to Hiring a Promotional Products Salesperson
  • How to Avoid Training Future Competition for Yourself
  • Training Independent Contractors -- Legally!
  • How to Keep the Best Salespeople in Your Organization
  • ...and much more

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20 responses to “Promo Sales Hiring Guide: Comments”

  1. It was a very enlightening report. It pointed out a lot of things that I haven’t thought about. I now realize how many things I need to do before looking into hiring someone. I have a lot of research to do before going forward. I am looking forward to growing my business in the future.

    • Gerald, I think this report will cause some people to dive right in and begin hiring. It will also cause others to rethink the whole idea. As indicated in the report, hiring salespeople is not something that should be done lightly. But for those who decide to follow that path, the sooner you start taking action in that direction, the better. Otherwise, you run the risk of trapping yourself in the center of a “me-centric” business so that when you want to start hiring, you find you don’t have the time.

  2. David, Excellent information as usual. Not sure where I want to go with the information though. I started with PAP 4 years ago but haven’t built an organization that I think will support a sales person, but then what comes first, the chicken or the egg. Thanks for your report.

    • Tim, The goal is not to build an organization that needs to financially support a sales person. The goal is to hire salespeople that will help you to build and financially support your organization. Only poor salespeople need to be supported financially, which is not the goal at all. I believe that poor salespeople either need to be replaced or trained to be good salespeople (and by good I mean financially profitable or at least self-sustaining.) The most important decision you have to make is whether to grow by hiring a sales team or by your own personal sales efforts. Once you have made that decision, the rest of your actions and decisions become clear.

  3. This Guide is a comprehensive tool/roadmap to hiring Salespeople in particular. And, the process can be used to hire other positions also. The focus on vision is “on pointe” as all objectives/goals of the business should tie to the Vision/Mission of the company. Also, you debunked the myth about not being able to hire Salespeople which has always been my reason. This Guide is about process and is excellent! Written by a true promo products professional.

  4. Hi David, Very informative as usual. I had been thinking recently about starting to hire people so your email was very timely. However, hiring that first person and then helping them to be successful is a major hurdle but a challenge that I am looking forward to. I have spent the last week going through the Getting Started CD’s and am about to start the Customer Acquisition Program again to refresh myself before I buy this Manual. I have realized that on top of building my own client base, this is the way forward if I want to make loads of money and have a business worth selling at some point in the future. My problem is that I always want to run before I can walk! So I’m already dreaming about how many people I could have by the end of the year?? I can imagine that running a sales team can be quite a nightmare. I have done it before but the team was already up and running and they all spoke Chinese and no English (probably the easiest over-ride you can earn) so I can’t really draw from experience on that one! Your report prompted some excellent points which have to be carefully thought through and strategized before jumping into this but I want to start asap. Thanks again for your help. Cassandra

    • Cassandra, making the shift from an entrepreneur-centered business to a sales-centered business is a big step, and hiring your first salesperson fundamentally changes your job description and the entire dynamic of your company. You have to really want to do it. But once that decision is made, it’s important to move forward so you don’t continue to wrap yourself up inside a “me-centric” business.

  5. Very well thought-out and well expressed report. Helpful to people in any industry, particularly promotional items sales.

  6. This report was very informative and thought provoking. I believe training is the stepping stones for success in any career endeavor. With that said, high quality training is what we should always strive for. It is great to have a document such as this available for reference that talks about some of the important issues confronting us as we make critical day-day training decisions. Thank you.

  7. I found it helpful. There was reinforcement that we are doing some things well that should help us in our search and provide strategies for yielding a good fit for adding sales team members. I was very much intrigued by bringing and recruiting outside those looking for work. I’ve found that those out of work often fit the bill of “there is a reason”, if after 20 years in sales you need to be taught client acquisition skills or be handed accounts we are probably not a “right fit”. I’ve since been looking around me and considering leading comments and statements around the benefits of putting their talents into our industry; I’ve got such a meeting over the weekend with someone I’ve know via business for about 2 years. I also gave more thought to my approach for how I am selling working with our company as a benefit as the place they want to be….how if I were listening what would I want to hear to convince me. As always your information is concise, on point and learned from experience which resonates with me, Olivia

    • Glad you found it helpful, Olivia. Your story — what you tell them about yourself, your company and how they will fit in are huge determining factors for most salespeople. Very important but often overlooked. Glad it got you thinking!

  8. Dear David, I really LOVE the materials you release and of course I had a chance to learn many of your courses. Today I am in totally different industry (Trading FMCG products in B2B) but your suggestions are working in my industry as well, with slight changes. I employee a 20 years experience Sales Manager that used to work for Heineken Europe, and together with him we gathered a lot of good stuff from your latest report and I think that it says a lot. I also read a lot of other Mentors materials, but for some reason your material is the most understandable, productive and efficient. I am really glad I found your site in 2009 when my business was struggling, and after I learned your materials, I started to soar. I wish you all the best and thanks a lot for your insights! Meir Sarig

  9. Very insightful read. Proved some clarity and positive steps for growth. It is so easy to get caught up the daily operations. I am motivated to make my best effort to do what I know is the right thing. Working ON my business. I am also happy (based on this piece) that we are doing many of right things already. Thank you!

    • You’re not alone, Scott. Not having the time to do the things you want to do is one of the primary issues we help distributors deal with. If hiring salespeople is an important objective for you, you might want to print out a copy of The Promo Sales Hiring Guide and step away from your computer and phone. For many, the lure of an open browser window, or the sound of an incoming call or email is just too much to resist. Let me know what you think when you get through it.

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