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Video 3: The 12 Solutions for Creating Top of Mind Awareness and Dominating Your Market

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34 responses to “TMD Workshop Video 3: 12 Solutions to Dominating Your Market E”

  1. Wow. When you were talking about this approach in the first two videos, I thought this sounds awesome, but maybe too good to be true. But the solutions/steps you outlined above make perfect sense. When will the actual course be available?

    • Hey Serena, long time no see! We’re going to start by letting a small group of students in next week. We want to keep it really focused on achieving the outcome — creating top of mind awareness for each of our participants among EXACTLY the prospects they need to reach. Keep an eye on your inbox and I look forward to your participation. Given your history, I know you’ll do GREAT!

  2. David, I’ve been quietly following along with this workshop series and just wanted to say “thank you” for opening my eyes.

    I have a tendency to get stuck in the day to day of things and lose sight of the reasons I’m doing it in the first place. Your series reminded me that business really should be fun and exciting, people who care about their customers can still do really well, and you don’t have to be a loud, obnoxious horse’s ass kind of salesperson to get customers and be successful

    I like your down-to-earth approach to what could otherwise come across as a very big and overwhelming concept. Looking forward to the next video.

  3. Hey David, Back in May and June I hit a wall. Just couldn’t get anything to work. I started implementing many of these steps back then on my own. But this program goes far beyond what I was doing. Thanks for putting together another great program. Looking forward to more!

  4. Great info. Like everyone else has mentioned, you’ve broken it down into bite size pieces. Like eating an elephant. You’ve given us the road map, now it’s up to us to see who’s going to take the journey. Thanks for your continued support and leadership.

  5. i’m caught in a whirlwind of activity right now, not making extra money but “year end activity” I want time to focus on these great spark plugs that you’re handing out but “shortness of time” is always my downfall, thus all this encouragement is needing planning and I need to take the “Bull by the horns!

    • Believe it or not, Diana, when you begin to implement what I’m recommending here, it actually ends up taking LESS time, because you’re able to leverage your actions to produce a multiple of what you produce normally. Stick with it and let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks. 🙂

  6. David,
    Once again you nailed it. The “Mind Map” is a great tool to begin or maintain success. Thank you for the time you spent creating this series. I look forward to the course. Who say’s an old dog can’t learn new tricks? This one has !

    • Stewart, I’m so glad you found it helpful. I guess I’m an old dog as well and I LOVE new tricks! It’s always nice to find new and exciting ways to make things work better for ourselves and our clients. If you have questions about anything we covered, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  7. Enjoy seeing an action plan that will be measured with results. I have gotten into taking the easy way not the best way to success. Refreshing to be doing this again. I used to be good at systems like this but have gotten in a rut.

    • While the easy way is not always the best way, Gerry, things don’t have to be difficult to be effective. And recognizing you’re in a rut is an excellent first step toward getting out of it!

      I think of it in terms of the shortest distance between two points being a straight line. Sometimes we get sidetracked along the way. Many of us suffer from “shiny object syndrome.” But a proven action plan, measured with results, can be the most simple and direct way out. Easy? Maybe not. But simple? Definitely!

    • The first page of the mind map is just the overview, David. But each additional page is a zoomed-in section that can be read when printed out. Hope this helps.

    • So glad to hear it, Darlene! If we can help in any way, please be sure to let me know. If you’d like to schedule a strategy session with me to discuss how to apply this material to your specific situation, you can schedule it here. I hope we get a chance to talk!

  8. Great stuff David. I’ve been doing this for 19 years and I didn’t realize how many details I have let slip by over time. The Mind Map is exactly what I needed to help put those pieces back into my daily sales life. Thank you so much.

    • You’re welcome, Geoffrey. If you’d like to schedule a strategy session to discuss next steps, I’m happy to have the conversation. Glad you found it helpful.

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