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"Sick of Wasting Your Hard-Earned Dollars on Advertising and Marketing that Just Doesn't Work?"

Sledgehammer MarketingDear Fellow Marketer,

It's much more common than anyone would like to admit. You run an ad, but no one responds. You call a prospect, but no one calls back. You promote yourself aggressively, but no one notices!

Is this the State of Marketing in the Twenty First Century?

Prospects are busy. They're jaded. Some are cheap and downright rude. Many have no time, no patience and no interest in what you're selling. But you need customers, so you spend more money, reach more prospects, make more phone calls, and create more rejection. You attend Chamber functions where everyone wants to sell, but few want to buy. Same faces, same stories, same cycle, same results...

You Know, it Doesn't Have to Be Like That...

At some point, you're going to get sick of the cycle. You'll get tired of all the unnecessary rejection. You'll want to throw your hands into the air and scream, "that's it, I've had it! No more of this for me!"

At this point, many people give up, simply because they don't know what to do next! They know they need a different approach, but they don't know what that approach is. They need to take a different set of actions to produce different results, but they don't know what those actions are. They know they need help, but they don't know what kind of help they need or where to turn to get it!

Don't let this be you...

Stop the Financial Hemorrhage now with a Proven System that Attracts Qualified Leads to Your Door, Converts Those Leads into Profitable Sales and Retains the Clients You Create in the Process..."

  • The essence of exceptional salesmanship is overlooked by the majority of business owners and salespeople every day of their working lives.
  • The only set of actions that leads to success in business is pushed aside in favor of less important, less productive duties.
  • What every marketer says you must do, is something that no other marketer has ever shown you how to do. Until now...

Welcome to Sledgehammer Marketing

Are you ready to begin building your business proactively, so that you can dump those cheap, demanding, old customers like a bad habit?

Would you like to cut through the advertising clutter and noise (like a hot knife through butter) and create top of mind awareness with the most desirable prospects available?

How much is just one profitable new client worth to your business? How much are ten worth? How about a hundred?

If you're ready to reach the cream of the crop... the big money, high margin clients you most desperately want to sell to, now you can...

Sledgehammer Marketing is your very own, completely customized, turn-key marketing system. That's right, a system that allows your business to grow predictably, your way!

It's a system that you can literally turn on and off at will. One that allows you to call your own shots, target the big-money, high margin clients you most desperately want to sell to and reach them with the most compelling marketing message possible about your business. Best of all, you can do all of this for just pennies per lead...

Why Does Most Marketing Fail?

Simple. It stinks. And not just a little. It stinks to the point that we're no longer willing to tolerate it. Need proof? Ask yourself these questions:

  • You're watching TV with the remote in hand and a commercial comes on for something that doesn't interest you. How fast do you change the channel?
  • You're listening to the radio in the car. Your song ends and a commercial for something you don't need begins. How quickly do you hit the button?
  • You're reading the newspaper. Do you even see the ads anymore? Probably not. Your brain instinctively edits them out for you!

Avoiding bad marketing is self-preservation, pure and simple! But here's the problem... you're not just another jaded consumer. You're also a marketer! And if your brain is editing stuff out for you, just imagine what's happening with your prospects! You need to have your message heard. You need to cut through the clutter. So how are you going to do it?

You Can't Expect to Be Heard Simply by Adding to the Noise. You Need to Do Things Differently...

It all starts with a fundamental understanding of what I call The MVPs of Marketing & Sales™.

The MVPs are the "Most Valuable Players" of Marketing. But in this case:

"M" stands for Message. What is the message I need to convey to my prospects and clients? How can I convey that message in the most suitable way to appeal directly to their needs?

"V" stands for Vehicles. If I choose the wrong marketing vehicles, my message will not be received. So which marketing vehicles should I use to communicate my message?

"P" stands for People (or Prospects). Since I don't have enough money to market to everyone, who are the most qualified people I need to reach with my marketing message?

When These Three Components Work Together, You Have a Successful Campaign. But if Just One of Them is Wrong, the Entire Promotion is a Bust!

Think about it, the wrong marketing message delivered using the appropriate vehicles to an otherwise qualified group of people will only succeed in alienating those people faster!

The right message geared to a targeted, qualified group of people using the wrong marketing vehicles will either never reach them, or offend them. Ever get one of those annoying "travel" faxes? Enough said...

And a great marketing message delivered using the right marketing vehicles is completely wasted if it reaches the wrong people. For example, if I mail an offer of wholesale dental supplies to a group of plumbers instead of dentists, I won't sell anything regardless of how good the copy is!

While these examples are extreme, it's really the subtle failures that kill most marketing campaigns before they ever have a chance to live.

That's the bad news... Now for the good!

It is Not Only Possible to Get All the Essentials of an Effective Advertising and Marketing Campaign Working in Your Business. Now, it's a Total No-Brainer!

At last, all the critical components of a successful marketing campaign are available at your fingertips! No theory. No fluff and filler. Just the specific system you need to make it happen. And since it's available online, you can get started right away!

But don't take my word for it, here's what actual business owners and recognized experts are saying about this ground-breaking marketing system:

"By following the simple step-by-step instructions of Sledgehammer Marketing, any business or salesperson can significantly increase their earnings. This program is an excellent investment."

- Michael LeBoeuf, Ph.D., Author of How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life

"Your Sledgehammer Marketing system is fantastic. I have spent the past few months using it as the foundation of my company's marketing plan. I do a lot of reading from various sales trainers.Your program is the only thing I have come across that allowed me to walk away with something I could literally start using on my next sales call."

- Rob Hoelscher, Prime Business Solutions

"Sledgehammer Marketing is brilliant. It puts you firmly in control of the selling process and allows you to create top of mind awareness with virtually anyone you choose.I strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested in building their business proactively."

- John C. Iannelli, Esq., Attorney & Author of The Lawyer's Rainmaking System

Who Else Wants a Turn-Key System for Attracting New Leads, Converting Those Leads into Profitable Sales and Retaining the Clients You Create in the Process?

Isn't this one of the most powerful business tools you could ever possess? Wouldn't it transform one of the most difficult aspects of your business into a total no-brainer?

What can this system be worth to the life of your business?

Rather than knocking yourself out trying to figure it all out the hard way, get the solution now, risk-free, in Sledgehammer Marketing.

Which of the Following Power-Strategies Should You Use Right Now to Turbo-Charge Your Sales and Marketing Efforts?

  • How to Move from Total Obscurity to Blind Customer Loyalty in the Mind of a Prospect. While ?instant loyalty? is a common characteristic among some breeds of dogs, it is far less common among clients. To more from complete obscurity to high levels of customer loyalty requires multiple contacts and consistently good experiences... in other words, a system. Sledgehammer Marketing gives you that system.
  • How to Profit from The MVPs of Marketing & Sales™. The success of every advertising campaign, marketing campaign or sales presentation is entirely dependent upon having the MVPs working seamlessly in your organization. Sledgehammer Marketing delivers them.
  • How to Truly Differentiate Yourself in the Mind of the Prospect. This process alone can save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in ad agency fees, but perhaps more importantly, will reveal vital insights about the specific strengths and compelling benefits offered exclusively by you and your business. Sledgehammer Marketing clearly define and differentiates you in the mind of the prospect.
  • Achieving Success through Business Modeling>. No need to reinvent the wheel. We?ll show you how to use the unique elements revealed in the Sledgehammer system to model some of the most effective marketing messages ever created.
  • Secrets of Selecting the Most Compelling Marketing Vehicles. With Sledgehammer Marketing, you'll use the most effective, affordable, targeted marketing vehicles best suited to your business and budget.
  • Creating an Indelible First Contact. First impressions are often lasting. Sledgehammer Marketing ensures that your first contact with a prospect is as memorable and positive as possible.
  • How to Target Effectively. Many businesses try to reach everyone, but failing that, have little to no effect on anyone. Sledgehammer Marketing targets exactly the prospects and clients who have the best capacity to buy from you.
  • Plus, lots more...

Unless I miss my guess, you already understand the importance of effectively marketing your business. You may just need some help pulling it off.

You Could Pay an MBA $75,000.00 a Year With No Guarantee of Success or Just Test-Drive this Proven Marketing System Completely and Totally Risk-Free in Your Business for One Full Year!

I'll tell you about this unique guarantee in a moment, but first, what's the cost for all this?

A turn-key system that attracts new leads, converts those leads into profitable sales and retains the clients you create in the process is easily worth a small fortune.

If you were to hire even a mediocre advertising agency to put together such a package, it would likely cost you tens of thousands of dollars with absolutely no guarantee of success.

If you were to hire an agency, or even just a copywriter to create a Unique Selling Proposition for your business, you could easily pay thousands of dollars, but then you'd have to adapt your behavior to fit the identity created for you.

With Sledgehammer Marketing, you'll end up with a Unique Selling Proposition that clearly articulates the specific strengths and one-of-a-kind advantages of doing business with you, as opposed to any and every other option available to them. And that's just the beginning!

So at a minimum, you're getting tens of thousands of dollars worth of value, in the form of a tested, proven system that will begin to work for you the moment it's launched!

But you won't pay anywhere near the ad agency rate, the copywriter rate, or even my bare-bones, minimum consulting fee of $2,997.

In fact, since I am able to deliver this system to you in a convenient digital format, your total investment for the Essentials of Sledgehammer Marketing Online Course is just $995. But if you take action right now, you can save $500.00 and get the complete course for only $497.

What's the Catch? Why the Special Pricing?

Well, it's really quite simple. Every self-proclaimed marketing expert, guru or "genius" will tell you that you need to do all the things I've just described. But even after years of offering this sage advice, not a single expert has ever taken you by the hand and given you this process!

It's a time-honored tradition among marketing gurus to tell your audience what to do, but not how to do it. That way, they have to keep coming back to you for more.


With this system, I'm breaking the code... pulling back the curtain on the whole operation and giving you the tools you need right now, to drive a steady stream of qualified leads to your door, convert those leads into profitable sales and retain the clients you create in the process.

And don't look for a lot of bulked-up theory here. If you want to read about marketing, you can certainly do so. The bookstores are filled with lots of great "concept" approaches where you can read about swimming with the sharks, hanging out in the trees with the guerrillas or any of a dozen other "predatory" approaches. Some will try to impress you with reams of paper in clunky, three ring binders. Fine.

But when you're ready to stop reading and start implementing the proven, money making system that produces financial results for yourself and your family, you're ready for Sledgehammer Marketing.

It's the same streamlined, step-by-step system that I have personally used in my own businesses to generate over a million dollars worth of sales in as little as two weeks. It's the same solution I have used to generate hundreds of thousands of clients for myself and others, and the same solution I have provided to companies of all sizes, from small mom and pops to members of the Fortune 500.

Its power lies in the fact that Sledgehammer Marketing skips the theory and allows you to get right to it, producing the desired results you want in your business efficiently, effectively and affordably.

Whether you're responsible for your own sales and marketing efforts or someone else's, you know how easy it is to blow a few hundred dollars. A single non-performing newspaper ad or unproductive sales call can cost you a lot more than that! And when it happens, you never get it back.

So Why Not Make the One, Risk-Free Investment that is Guaranteed to Generate at Least Ten Times its Cost or You Don't Pay!

Can I guarantee that you'll generate at least ten times the cost of this system? Of course not. Everyone is different. Some people are great at implementing. They could generate a lot more. Some won't implement at all, they won't generate an extra dime. So while I can't guarantee your results, I can guarantee that if it doesn't produce exceptional results for you, you can ask for and receive a full refund. In fact, here's my Full-Year, Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee -- my promise to you:

Read that guarantee again, because you just can't lose.

Test-drive the entire system, risk-free, for a full year, and prove to yourself that it works. If it doesn't produce, you don't pay! Just say the word and get a prompt and courteous refund. The burden to deliver is entirely on me.

Ever Get Ten-to-One Returns at a Bank?

Not likely... Oh, and one final point -- Just $497 for the complete online course is a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the money you could waste on ineffective marketing or selling approaches this year, so...

Stop the Hemorrhaging Now! Test-Drive Essentials of Sledgehammer Marketing, Risk-Free in Your Business for One Full Year

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