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    • Ken Stout

      I am new to promotional products sales. Are there any hints into how to get into the local schools.

      • David Blaise

        Hi Ken, yes. Education is one of the top consumers of promotional products every year.

        The first thing I would recommend is that you compile a list of all the schools in your market area that you would like to approach. This would include schools, colleges, universities, etc.

        But before you just start calling on them, think through the top solutions you can provide for them. For example, can you help a school with uniforms, promotional items or spirit wear? Can you help a college admissions office create promotions designed to help them attract and recruit ideal students to their school? Can you help a university to stock their school bookstore with branded merchandise?

        The better you get at thinking through the kind of solutions your prospect are looking for, the more likely they will be to buy from you. Since you are new to promo sales, I would also recommend you use our Getting Started program to get yourself grounded in the essentials of the industry. With that program, you will have received more industry-specific education than 90% of the people already operating in the industry today. That will give you a huge competitive advantage.

    • Jeff

      is there a step-by-step training guide for the diagnostic approach to sales? I have your customer acquisition and $1,000,000 sales programs. I was looking for the diagnostic from your presentation at the ASI Show. Is there a step-by-step guide I can download to practice this technique?

      • David Blaise

        Thanks for your question, Jeff. The Diagnostic Approach to sales is pretty straightforward. You can get a quick overview here. Of course, as an established Top Secrets client, we can go as deep as you want and answer your questions in detail inside the members-only area of our site.

    • David Blaise

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