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Total Market Domination
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Total Market Domination
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Total Market Domination

Q & A Video 3

In this video, we address the following questions about creating top of mind awareness and dominating your market:

  • 00:45 - How to do it/How to make it happen/Show me the magic fairy dust?
  • 01:25 - Is there something besides targeted marketing, network groups, and working your existing clients that I should be doing to dominate the market, but am missing?
  • 02:56 - I have always concentrated on a niche market of particular trades. I am now downsizing and plan to concentrate on only a small open geographic market. How do I "interlace" the large variety of different business needs to Dominate a geographic area?
  • 04:55 - David, How do I dominate a vertical market (such as Mortgage companies) nationwide vs more regionally. My goal is to step and repeat within different vertical markets.
  • 06:43 - Can a one person distributorship realistically expect to have total market domination and if so what tools are needed?
  • 08:32 - How would staffing be considered in a market that I am dominating? Breakdown of support staff and others would be good to know 🙂 thanks
  • 09:44 How do you incorporate reoccurring revenue into TMD?
  • 11:41 - Basically how to keep it personal when expanding your reach. Part of what sets me apart with my clients is the level of personal engagement, attention, and trust I've developed with my clients. My fear is that to attract a dominant percentage of clients in that market I would need to take a more "mass" or streamlined approach, thus removing the close personal relationship. For example, I sell a lot of schools against companies like [large competitor.] If I setup a streamlined approach to selling spirit wear (for example), I could reach more clients, but then I've become a mini-version of [the large competitor.] I know there's a middle ground - just wondering what that looks like. Thanks!

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