Business Growth Expert David Blaise on Getting Started in Promotional Products Sales

Who Buys Promotional Products?

Video Excerpt from Getting Started: How to Launch a Wildly Successful Career in Promotional Products Sales
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3 responses to “Getting Started: Who Buys Promotional Products?”

  1. Have a question or comment about who buys promotional products? Enter it in the comment box below and I’ll be happy to answer it for you.

  2. Thanks for this. Years ago there was a chart displaying by departments within and company and the type of products they would normally be responsible for purchasing. i.e. Human Resources: on boarding, safety, recognition, possibly holiday gifts, etc.. Have yo seen something like this and if yes, can you please share? Wanted to include in a marketing outreach piece. Thanks!

    • I know the chart you’re talking about, Julia, but I have not seen it in ages. I just did a dozen or so Google searches looking for it as well, but no luck. If I come across it at some point, I’ll be sure to post it to this page.

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