Sick of Begging for Orders?

Are you sick of feeling like you have to beg, plead and fight for every order, every scrap of business, every dollar of sales? If so, I’d like to share one of my very favorite “tough love” quotes and see how it applies to you and your business.

What is it that makes some people exceptionally successful in sales?

  • Is it attitude? While attitude helps, many people with a great attitude still have trouble paying their bills.
  • Is it knowledge? Certainly, specialized knowledge is essential, but many knowledgeable people still have trouble making ends meet.
  • Is it who you know? Connections count, but many people with excellent, influential connections still wind up broke.

So beyond all that, success happens for one primary reason…

According to Albert E.N Gray…

“The Successful Person has Formed the Habit of Doing Things that Failures Don’t Like to Do.”

Ouch. That one smarts! It is a tough statement, but very true. Let me repeat that for you.

“The successful person has formed the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.”

In our business, there can be LOTS of things that we don’t like to do. But if we want to be successful, we have to either do them, or hire someone else to do them. Meaning either way, they have to get done.

Failure — that is, NOT doing the important things that need to be done — is just not an option.

Many people equate prospecting with cold-calling and rejection… In order to avoid it, some will simply fail or refuse to make the number of new contacts they would need to make to ensure their success.

Many people in our business don’t like structure… So they go into each presentation “winging it.” As a result, they may simply fail to say the specific things that are proven to motivate clients to take action and say “yes.”

The most successful people in our industry know that prospecting does not have to mean just cold-calling and that prepared presentations can be extremely effective, without sounding “canned.” For those reasons, they are far more likely to do the things that failures not only don’t like to do, but often either fail to do or refuse to do. And getting those things done makes all the difference in the world.

Regardless of the market… regardless of the economy… success after success proves it.

When you take the appropriate actions, you achieve the appropriate results.

What are the necessary things in your organization that you don’t like to do? What are the necessary things in your organization that aren’t getting done? Put together a list and commit to getting them done, either by yourself or by someone else. Your success depends on it.

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