Don’t expect to grow your business if you can’t multiply sales. Most people love the idea of multiplying their sales. But many don’t know how to do it, and some just have a really difficult time getting their heads around the whole concept.

So today, I’d like to show you how everyone who’s starting out, DOES multiply their sales. And I’d like to share a clip from one of our training programs that explains a key concept that is critical if you ever want to grow, or yes, multiply your sales.

And that concept is Your Next Desired Benchmark.

Recently, I released a video talking about how one of my clients grew her sales from $250,000 a year to over a million. People love her story. They think it’s great. But quite a few said that they didn’t think it applied to them, because the numbers were too big.

So instead of her story, let’s talk about yours.

Unless you buy or inherit an existing business, you start out at zero. If you stick with it, you’ll go through a series of stages, or benchmarks.

For example, your first benchmark might be to get your first sale.

That’s a good one! Congratulations! Well done!

Your second benchmark might be to get your second sale. And if your second sale is the same amount of money as the your first sale, then guess what?

You just multiplied your sales by two.

Easy math, right?

So you go from two sales to four sales, and you’ve doubled again!

Four to eight? Same thing!

In business, everyone multiplies! We just forget that we already know how to do it.

This is nothing new. It’s been true forever.

And to prove it, here’s a clip from one of the lessons in my $100K coaching program, which is all about getting to a hundred thousand dollars a month in promotional product sales. And while this was made specifically for promo people, this lesson applies to every business in business that needs to grow.

Now, if these numbers seem too big to you, or too small to you — just substitute your own!

This is about YOU setting YOUR OWN next desired benchmark.

So now, here’s Baby Dave, a younger version of myself explaining this concept a long time ago…

Hi, I’m David Blaise. In this video, I’d like you to set your next desired benchmark on your personal path to $100,000 a month.

Your next desired benchmark should be a significant stretch from wherever it is you are right now. So this is generally not going to be the place for 3 percent to 9 percent increases.

You definitely want to amp it up. You want to think in terms of at least double digit increases, and depending on where you are right now, triple digit increases.

Naturally, the larger you grow your business, the more difficult it becomes to double, and double, and double again. But, for most businesses in our industry, particularly those doing less than a million dollars a year in gross sales, targeting at least a double is probably a good idea.

In fact, most of the people I’ve worked with who have hit a million dollars a year or more, started out doubling year over year, over year for their first few years in business.

So, if you’re currently doing $100,000 a year, you might start by targeting $250,000. If you’re doing $250,000, you may target $500,000. If you’re doing $500,000, maybe target a million. Or at least $750,000 to $800,000.

In nearly every case, you’re much better off targeting higher, and potentially not hitting it, than targeting lower and hitting it.

Small goals don’t do a lot in terms of motivation.

They also don’t do much in terms of convincing you that you’ll need to take significantly different action in order to achieve them. So set your goals high.

If you’re already doing more than a million dollars in annual sales, I would encourage you to still make your next desired benchmark a significant stretch from wherever you are now. If you’re doing a million dollars a year, maybe target at least 1.5 million.

Go with your gut, and don’t drive yourself crazy with this exercise.

Your next desired benchmark is your goal or your objective. It’s not a prediction that you have to get right like The Amazing Kreskin. This is what you’re deciding you want to do. So pick a number that feels like a good stretch for yourself, and we’ll help you with “how to get there” throughout this program.

So, write it down and put it somewhere that you will see it every day. That’s your assignment. You want to look at this number, so you can constantly ask yourself “what am I doing better and differently today to get me closer to this benchmark?”

This program will give you lots of different and better things to do, but start with this:

Pick your benchmark, write it down, put it somewhere you’ll see it, and add a note below, letting me know that you did this. This program is all about implementation, so pick your benchmark, write it down somewhere you’ll see it, and add your notes, questions, and comments below. Talk to you in the next video.

If you’re serious about growing your sales and profits, then we should talk. Go to to schedule a time to talk with myself or my team. Once again, that’s

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