Who Brings in the Money

In every business and even in a non-profit, someone is responsible for bringing in the money. Who is it in your organization? And are they up to the task?

In every organization, there is a person or persons responsible for bringing in the money.

That person could be the pastor of a church. In a nonprofit it could be an Executive Director or Development Director. Inside a small business it could be the business owner or a salesperson. And in larger companies it could be a combination of advertising, marketing and salespeople working in unison to create the same common goal: Getting people to exchange their money for what the organization has to offer.

In a church that might be salvation. In a nonprofit, it’s very likely the mission… the benefit it’s delivering to the community. For a business it’s products and services.

It’s important to understand that whenever any voluntary exchange of cash takes place, there is a corresponding exchange of value. The person giving the money is getting something out of it. Something the person believes to be of equal or even greater value than the money they’re giving.

People often think of charitable giving as a one-way street, but even in that situation, there is an exchange of value. Whether a donation is given in order to get a tax deduction or just to get the satisfaction of knowing that he or she is helping an organization they care about and wish to support, value is exchanged.

So while some people look down on the profession of selling, know that at it’s core, it’s just humans exchanging something they have, for something they want more.

It’s the engine that drive the commerce of the world.

So who is responsible for getting the money in your organization? Is it you? Someone else? A combination of people? Whoever it is, how are they doing? Are they up to the task? Because if you don’t have people in your organization who are capable of bringing in the money, consistently… you have a serious problem. And if you don’t fix that problem, eventually, you no longer have an organization.

Something interesting I’ve noticed is that some of the very best salespeople in the world don’t call themselves or even consider themselves to be salespeople. They can be technicians, hair dressers, yoga instructors, medical professionals, retailers, restaurateurs, business owners, coaches, consultants, service providers or anyone else who is truly passionate about what they do and who wants to share it with the people they think would benefit from it the most.

I personally think that’s very noble.

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