When I say the word “predictable.” How does it make you feel? Is it a positive term or a negative term?

Today I’d like to ask you a question about predictability, and the question is this:

Are you predictable?

Hi and welcome to the podcast, so today’s question is this…

Are you predictable?

To some, the idea of being predictable may sound dull, or routine, or boring!

“Oh, you’re so predictable!”

But in business, predictability can be good. In fact, it can be great!  And when it comes to getting customers, predictability is awesome — at least it is when you can consistently attract and convert them… predictably.

Now if the only thing predictable about your sales process is that you have absolutely no idea how, when or where your next client is coming from, that is the WRONG kind of predictability.

We don’t want that.

But the opposite — being able to attract and convert new clients consistently and predictably is highly desirable.

But it’s anything but common.

Most businesses can’t do it.

That’s not to say they can’t attract clients. They can. They just can’t do it predictably.

But it’s an absolute fact that until and unless you get an element of predictability into your customer-gathering process, you will struggle.

You know, I talk a lot about market domination and creating the top of mind awareness that’s necessary to achieve it.

And there’s an important reason for that. It’s because these things are all designed to serve a purpose.

The purpose is to make client-getting predictable.

Not everyone we approach is going to be ready to buy the moment we approach them. That’s why we need to have a large enough group of qualified leads in our pipeline. So if person one isn’t ready to buy today, it doesn’t matter, because maybe person number 30 is.

But having enough qualified leads in our pipeline doesn’t happen until we’ve created the level of top of mind awareness necessary to dominate our chosen market.

Remember, market domination is not about control. It’s simply about being able to create an environment in which the very best prospects for our products and services know who we are so they can make an intelligent, informed, up or down decision on whether or not to do business with us.

But that can’t happen if they don’t know who you are. Hence the need for top of mind awareness.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out our 3 part video series on how to create top of mind awareness and dominate your market.

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That’s topsecrets.com/tmd.

Are you ready?

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