In today’s episode in our professional profile series, David Blaise and Bianca Istvan discuss business growth strategies designed to improve results, including sequencing your communication with Carlos Mestas, CEO of Thrivebox, which specializes in helping entrepreneurs establish business credit to access funding solutions, Alan Watts, known as the Love Engineer, who offers dating and relationship coaching services, and Paul Loubao, owner of PCL Housing Commerce, who focuses on investments, sales, and education in the real estate industry.

After sharing what’s working well and what’s creating challenges, the focus turned to the importance of sequencing communication as part of your sales and marketing strategies.

Reaching and impacting potential clients has evolved over the years, making it necessary to engage with prospects differently than before, using the communication channels they prefer.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • The effectiveness of marketing strategies in connecting with the right clientele
  • The importance of a multi-faceted approach, utilizing social media, face-to-face, and online networking to engage with clients
  • The difficulty of gaining trust with new prospects
  • Changing the mindset of people who may have previously been burned in other transactions

We also discussed adaptation, trust-building, and proactive engagement as pivotal factors when navigating the challenges of business growth.

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