Hi, I’m David Blaise from TopSecrets.com and you know, AI is all the talk everywhere you look. So I thought, “okay, what does AI say about growing promo sales — how to grow a promotional product business?”

So I asked ChatGPT that very question. Let’s take a look at the question. Let’s take a look at what it said, and then I’ll provide you a little feedback as far as my thoughts regarding the same topic.

David: So what I asked is, “what are the top things that a promotional product distributor can do right now to get more high-value clients?” And here’s what it said.

[ChatGPT:] As a promotional product distributor, there are several strategies you can implement to attract more high-value clients. Here are some suggestions.

1. Focus on building relationships. Building strong relationships with existing clients can help generate referrals and positive word of mouth, which can attract new high-value clients. Reach out to your existing clients regularly to check in on their needs, offer value added services, and ask for feedback.

David: Are you wowed yet? Are you impressed? Has this given you any “aha” moments that make you think, “wow, I can do this now?”  If not, let’s move on to number two…

[ChatGPT:] 2. Offer unique and creative products. High-value clients often look for unique and creative promotional products that will help them stand out from their competitors, keep up with the latest trends and offer innovative products that will capture their attention.

David: How about that one? Are any bells going off? If not, let’s move on to number three…

[ChatGPT:] 3. Invest in a strong online presence. Many potential clients research promotional product distributors online before making a decision. Ensure that your website is professional, easy to navigate and showcases your products and services in the best light possible.

David: Is this something you’re already doing? And if so, in the words of Dr. Phil, “how’s that working for you? Number four…

[ChatGPT:] 4. Attend industry events and trade shows. Attending industry events and trade shows can help you meet new clients and showcase your products to a wider audience. Be sure to bring your best products and marketing materials and engage with attendees to build relationships.

David: It’s a fine idea. And if you haven’t already attended industry events and trade shows, it’s a great idea to do that. Is it likely to turn things around and get you to your sales goals? Who knows? But it’s a step. Number five

[ChatGPT:] 5. Offer exceptional customer service. Providing exceptional customer service can help differentiate you from your competitors and make a lasting impression on potential clients. Respond to inquiries promptly. Go above and beyond to meet their needs and follow up after each transaction to ensure their satisfaction.

David: In live training sessions. When I ask promo distributors, how many of them feel like their service sets them apart? Nearly all the hands in the room go up. So clearly providing exceptional customer service is required. It’s a “must have” as opposed to a “nice to have.” And those who fail to respond to inquiries promptly, go above and beyond to meet their needs, and follow up after each transaction to ensure their satisfaction are probably not long for the promo world to begin with.

Now, can all of us do these things better? Of course, I’m not saying these are bad suggestions. I’m merely pointing out that the devil is in the details as they say. Number six…

[ChatGPT:] 6. Provide value added services. Consider offering value added services such as custom packaging, fulfillment and distribution services to attract high-value clients who require more comprehensive solutions.

David: Once again, a very good suggestion, and if you’re not already doing it, you absolutely should. But if you really want to attract more high-value clients and grow your promotional product business, you’ve got to start from the beginning — before the value added services, the exceptional customer service, the industry events, the strong online presence, the unique and creative products, even on the building of relationships.

It starts even before that, and not with vague generalities, but with the specific steps you need to identify, attract, qualify, and convert the high-dollar, high-value promo clients you need right now. If you’d like to get a feel for how highly successful human beings are actually doing this in the marketplace today, then book a call with our team below.

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