Hi, I’m David Blaise and over the past few days, I’ve been sharing some resources designed to help professionals in the promotional products industry to achieve some of the financial goals that are important to them, including your next 100K in promo sales.

Last week, I released a free ebook entitled How to Make $100,000 Every Month in Promotional Product Sales.

To some people, that sounds like a lot of money. To others, particularly those who’ve already achieved it, it might sound just like another day at the office.

So on Monday of this week, I released a video entitled “Your Next $100,000 in Promotional Product Sales.”

If you’re brand new to the industry, your next hundred thousand in promotional product sales might be your first hundred thousand.

If that’s the case, then hopefully that topic might seem pretty exciting to you.

If you’ve already done a hundred thousand dollars in promotional product sales, then your next 100K will get you to $200,000.

That would be double.

So hopefully the idea of doubling would be pretty exciting to you as well.

Of course, If you’ve already done $200,000 in sales, an extra hundred thousand will get you to 300.

That’s a 50% increase over where you were at 200. Hopefully, that’s still exciting.

But even as you continue to grow, each additional hundred thousand dollars in sales — every Next 100K — will get you closer to your desired sales, profitability, and income goals.

One of the first things I addressed in the $100K ebook is the huge difference between gross sales, gross profit, and personal income.

When we talk about Your Next $100,000, we can refer to any or all of the above.

If your goal is to grow your personal income an extra hundred thousand dollars, that’s quite a bit different than if you just want to grow your gross sales by that much.

However, many of the things you have to do in order to make that happen, are the same.

It will often start with top-line growth — bringing in the additional sales necessary to generate the profits you need to increase your personal income.

That’s why in video 1, when we talked about Your Next $100K, we discussed the fact that every sale you make is going to come from one of two primary groups of people.

If you’re just starting out, those sales will actually come from just one primary group of people.

But as you take action, and bring new clients through the door, you will create another source of clients — another source of future business — that will often be worth far more to you than the new customers you’re creating when you’re just starting out.

Also, today I’m releasing video 2 in this series along with a free copy of my $100K Cheat Sheet.

The $100K Cheat Sheet is a single-page document, but it really could (and should) be worth an additional hundred thousand dollars to you in your business over the course of the next year, IF you download it, print it out, think through the answers and take action on the recommendations made in that one-page document.

In order to make it even easier for you to accomplish this, in today’s video, I’ll walk you through exactly how to complete the cheat sheet in a way that doesn’t require a lot of time, doesn’t require a lot of thought, and will help you to generate a level of focus that you may not have had in your business for a very long time.

One of the big advantages to the concept of Your Next $100K is that it will keep you FOCUSED instead of just thinking, “What do I need to do today?” Or “What should I be working on today?” Or “What fires do I have to put out today?”

Instead, you can be focused on the specific people and actions required to help you generate Your Next $100,000 in Promotional Product Sales.

As I mentioned in video 1, if you bring in an extra thousand dollars, or an extra $10,000, it’s a help. It’s an accomplishment.

But when you bring in Your Next $100,000 in Promotional Product Sales, it’s far more than that.

It’s proof of concept.

It demonstrates that the concepts and specific actions that I recommend in the $100K ebook, the Next $100K video series, and the $100K Cheat Sheet and video actually work.

So with the right focus and consistent actions, you can start to achieve your financial goals systematically, instead of just haphazardly or every now and then.

After you go through the ebook, the next $100K video, the $100K Cheat Sheet and ask any questions you have, I’ll give you a sneak peek inside our Next $100K portal.

This is where I personally work with my clients to help them reach and exceed their next $100K in promotional product sales.

Then on Thursday of this week, I’ll be opening up the doors to a small group of industry professionals who would like to work with me personally to achieve these milestones in their businesses.

But regardless of whether or not you ever decide to work with me personally, I encourage you to take advantage of ALL the free resources that I am offering you, absolutely free RIGHT NOW and over the course of the next few days.

Download the $100K ebook. Watch the Next $100K video. Take notes. Take action on the recommendations.

Download the $100K Cheat Sheet. Watch along with the video, completing the cheat sheet for yourself as you go.

Take a look inside the $100K Portal and decide for yourself if the work we’re doing in there will be valuable to you… Valuable enough to allocate the necessary time and resources to make it happen.

If it is, then join us on Thursday and let’s work together to help you reach and achieve your goals — whether that means generating your next hundred thousand dollars in gross sales, gross profit, or personal income.

Now, if you have not yet downloaded a copy of the $100K ebook or watched any of the videos, I would encourage you to do that now.

This material is available to you for a limited time, right now with no cost and no obligation.

I’m also answering any questions you have about the material in the ebook, and any of the topics we cover in the videos for anyone who decides to take advantage of these free resources.

But, in a few days, all of this material… the ebook, the video series, the $100K Cheat Sheet — all of it — will only be available as part of our $100K Coaching Program.

So if any of this is of interest to you, I would encourage you to download the ebook, and watch the videos today, before all of this goes away.

Thanks a lot. I hope to see you inside.

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