Over the years, I have met and talked to many broke experts. People who are exceptional at what they do, but struggling to pay bills because they can’t get enough customers.

This is not a function of who they are as people. It’s not a reflection of their work. It’s also not a mindset issue. Instead, it’s entirely about the fact that being exceptionally good at what you do, and being able to get enough of the customers or clients you need are two completely different skill sets.

I can’t tell you how many business owners I’ve talked to over the years who are exceptional at what they do, but they can’t get enough customers. I’ve met:

  • Chefs who make amazing food, but can’t get enough people into their restaurants to keep the lights on.
  • Real estate agents who know their markets in and out, they’re great with people, can handle all the details, but can’t get enough clients to pay their bills.
  • Artists who have amazing skills, but who never mastered the art of customer acquisition, so their actual art remains largely unseen.
  • Printers who have taken out loans to invest enormous amounts of money in equipment that just sits there, because they don’t know how to get enough of the customers and clients they need to feed the machines.

This week, I heard from a life coach, whose story really touched me, because she knows she could really help people, but she’s struggling to get the clients she needs.

Here’s what she said,

“I am a good coach but there are no clients for me. I feel profoundly sad for not being financially independent. I am a good person, I do personal growth, I am a really good coach and yet I can not pay the bills and have a lovely and happy life. Why does it have to be so hard?”

In each of these situations, the most important thing to recognize is that there is a huge difference between being exceptionally good at the technical aspects of a job — like cooking, selling homes, creating art, printing stationary or coaching people who need help — and being able to get enough of the customers or clients who need those products and services.

They are two completely different skill sets.

There are many exceptional writers in the world, but as Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad once said, “On the top of my books it’s written *Best-Selling Author* & not *Best-Writing Author*”.

Two different things.

So today I’d like to share with you, what I shared with this coach. And it applies to any business that is great at what they do, but that struggles to get enough of the customers or clients it needs to thrive.

If you’re great at what you do, then you’re halfway there, but this is not a mindset issue. It is a focus issue.

So if you want to make the money you need to make, then 100% of your focus and learning now need to be on 3 things. It’s what I call the MVPs of Marketing & Sales.

If you’ve heard this from me before, but you’re not yet earning what you think you’re worth, then please, listen again.

In sports, MVP stands for Most Valuable Player. In Marketing and Sales, MVP stands for Message, Vehicles and People.


  • What is the marketing (M)essage you need to convey about your product or service?
  • Which combination of marketing (V)ehicles will you use to communicate your message?
  • And Who are the (P)eople or prospects you need to reach?

This begins with having a crystal-clear idea of exactly WHO you want to benefit from what you do. Those are your People.

When you know who your people are, then you have to consider exactly what you’ll need to SAY to engage those people. To invite them in. To take advantage of everything you have to offer. That’s your Message.

Finally, you need to determine HOW you’ll reach them, in other words, what combination of marketing Vehicles will you use to reach them? This means things like social media posts and comments, direct messaging, phone calls, email, direct mail, networking, door knocking, broadcast ads, billboards, there are thousands of options when it comes to marketing vehicles.

The list is endless. But you don’t need an endless list. You just need to decide on a few that you can use to deliver your message.

Ultimately, everything you do to get customers or clients from this point forward will only ever be a combination of those three things.

Your Message, Your Vehicles and Your People.

Get all 3 of those right and you will make the money you need.

But if you get just one of them wrong. You’ll continue to struggle. And here’s why…

If you have a fantastic marketing message. A message that would make anyone in need of your products and services desperate to do business with you, but you either fail to reach those people with your marketing vehicle — like you post a message that they never see — or, if you get that message in front of people who have no need for your products and services — then the promotion is a failure.

If you have a fantastic marketing message, but you never get to deliver it because you’re using a marketing vehicle that people don’t like — let’s say cold calling, where many ideal clients will hang up on you before you get a chance to deliver your message — then that promotion won’t work either.

Finally, if you have a terrible marketing message and your reach your ideal audience using exactly the right combination of marketing vehicles to get you in front of them, then you’ll just alienate the ideal customers you need, before they ever have a chance to buy.

So if you’re great at what you do and you just need more customers or clients to do it with, that’s why 100% of your focus and learning now need to be on those 3 things:

The MVPs of Marketing & Sales.

Ready to Turn Your Exceptional Skills into an Exceptional Income?

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