In today’s episode, we discuss the idea of moving from stealth mode to intimidation mode in business.

In this episode of the Professional Profile series, David Blaise and co-host Bianca Istvan are joined by a panel of growth-minded business professionals, including David Boyd from Down to Earth Cuisine, author and speaker Oksana Tsimpoaka, Jeff Mount, business development officer from Tactive Wealth, certified brain health coach Stanley Dietrich, and Jaime McCormick, founder & CEO of Skate Angry.

The panel discuss the importance of topics including SEO marketing and website optimization, clear targeting, the use of conversational AI and automation, and time management.

Throughout the episode, David and Bianca facilitate engaging discussions with the guests, exploring their successes, challenges, and growth strategies.

Be sure to check out this episode to see how many of the recommendations you can apply in your business.

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