Success in promotional products sales begins with targeting the right prospects and clients. For my money, that means the top buyers of promotional products — the people and industries with the best capacity to buy.

So which industries historically spend the most money on promotional products?

They’re listed below… but please take note: not every business within each of these industries will be a good prospect for you. There are good and bad prospects within each industry.

Your goal is to find the leaders. Those who understand and appreciate the value of promotional products… or at least those who are willing to become educated about that value.

For more details on effective prospecting, reference Top Secrets of Multi-Million Dollar Producers.

Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales

1. Healthcare
2. Business Services (B2B)
3. Manufacturing
4. Financial
5. Retail
6. Construction: Building Trades, Building Supplies
7. Higher Education
8. Food & Beverage
9. Non-Profit/Not-For-Profit Organizations
10. Technology
11. Education K-12
12. Insurance
13. Government
14. Transportation
15. Energy, Utilities, Waste Treatment
16. Recreation/Team Sports
17. Fitness
18. Lodging
19. Entertainment
20. Oil & Gas
21. Agriculture
22. Telecommunications
23. Real Estate
24. Personal Services (B2C)
25. Media & Publishing
26. Recreation/Leisure
27. Legal
28. Learning & Development
29. Other

This list ranks the top purchasers of promotional products according to the 2020 U.S. Distributors’ Promotional Products Sales report prepared by Michaela Mora at for PPAI.

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    17 replies to "Who are the Top Buyers of Promotional Products?"

    • Philippe

      In this list you included Food & Beverage. Did you mean the restaurant industry?

      • David Blaise

        According to the data, the Food & Beverage category includes Full-Service Restaurants (Upscale & Fine Dining), Quick-Service Restaurants (Fast Food, Fast Casual), Bars, Food Trucks, Meal Kit Services, Catering Services, Etc.

    • Jennifer Kirby

      When was this study published? Thanks.

      • David Blaise

        Great question, Jennifer. This page is updated to rank the top purchasers of promotional products and currently reflects the results of the 2020 U.S. Distributors’ Promotional Products Sales report, prepared by Michaela Mora at for PPAI.

      • Gareth

        This is really good information about the sector and how it breaks down and as a distributor of promotional merchandise I know I can make great use of it when it comes to planning our marketing strategies – thank you so much for publishing.

        • David Blaise

          You’re welcome Gareth. I’m glad you found it helpful. Are you new to the industry or have you been doing this a long time?

    • James

      I found this information really useful thanks for taking the time.

      • David Blaise

        You’re welcome, James.

    • Katie

      A really interesting list. Thanks for sharing!

      • David Blaise

        You’re welcome Katie. I’m glad you found it helpful.

    • […] wields considerable influence on the promotional products industry, defending its position as the number one buyer in the industry. Don?t believe it? Just think of all the college students and graduates wearing sweatshirts, hats, […]

    • Elena Michelson

      Each industry uses their promotional products in a way that will most benefit them, but all industries and organizations have the same goal in mind: to increase their brand’s awareness and gain exposure. From USB Drives to pens to t-shirts, there is a product that will positively affect every organization.

    • Anti Saluneem

      Very good overview but I would like to learn about how are best promotional products users as well.

      • David Blaise

        I’m not sure I understand the question. Can you please clarify?

        • Anti Saluneem

          I mean who are the top influencers of promotional products?

          • David Blaise

            The top buyers of promotional products within businesses are Executives, Administrative assistants, Marketing & Advertising, Human resources and Purchasing. The top influencers would be the people that each of these departments report to, as well as their peers and friends in similar positions in other companies. You may find our free video series helpful. You can access it here.

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