Have to reach them?

Quick question for you today: What if there were prospects in your market whose attention you absolutely HAD to get, in order to make your business as successful as it could possibly be? In fact, what if reaching them was so critical that NOT reaching them was no longer an option for you? Other than getting more referrals, what would you have to do better and differently? Because, guess what, people like that exist in your market right now, and it’s highly likely that you’re not reaching them!

I was talking to a financial adviser the other day, whose story could apply just as much to any small business or salesperson. His company was doing okay, but not great. Meaning, he could handle a lot more business than he currently had, and if he had that business, he would earn a lot more money.

Prospects Create Clients

I asked where most of his clients were coming from. He told me the same thing that many business owners and sales professionals tell me: Word of mouth, referrals.

“People just love me!”

That’s awesome! Referrals are fantastic. They’re some of the best leads we can ever get in our business. But one thing I’ve noticed, time and time again, is that those who rely on referrals alone, or even primarily referrals — without having additional, more proactive methods in place to grab the attention of the very best prospects in their market, position themselves as the expert with those people and then convert them into sales — often struggle.

Referrals Alone Won’t Always Cut it

Like many people I talk to, he’s great at what he does. He’s smart, personable, well-informed, knows what he’s talking about. He’s great at being a financial planner. But he’s less great at creating the level of awareness he needs in the market. As a result, many of the very best prospects for his products and services don’t even know he’s alive.

I started this podcast by asking you, “What if there were people in your market whose attention you absolutely HAD to get to make your business as successful as it could possibly be? And what if reaching those people was so critical that NOT reaching them was no longer an option for you?”

Well, these people exist. They are the very best prospects for YOUR products and services.

And if you don’t have a plan, a strategy, a system or process in place to first create an entry-level of awareness about who you are and what you do… If you don’t have a process in place for moving them to a level of comfort at which they would consider buying from you… And if you don’t have a process in place to create an environment in which the very best prospects for the products and services you offer, know who you are, know what you do and can make an intelligent, informed decision about whether or not they want to buy from you… then your business will ALWAYS struggle. Because…

A high percentage of the best quality prospects in your market won’t know you’re alive, unless you do something to change that.

Many business owners and salespeople spend the bulk of their day putting out fires and lamenting the fact that they don’t have time to do the work that they KNOW would help them grow their businesses.

That level of excuse-making is epidemic. It infects businesses like the plague, and keeps them from reaching their true potential. It doesn’t outright kill them. But it does kill their spirit, drain them, and keep them barely alive in a perpetual state of unfulfillment and discontent.

I’m not trying to get morbid or depressing here. But many businesses struggle unnecessarily, simply because they’re unwilling to take the very specific actions that would fix it.

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