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“Sales is a numbers game,” they said. “Make more calls and you’ll make more money,” they said. “Keep smilin’ and dialin'” they said.

They said a lot of things, but who are they, anyway?

Is sales really a numbers game? Will making more calls always increase my sales?

Here’s my take on it. Yes, sales IS a numbers game, but it is a SMART numbers game. Which means that more calls is NOT always the answer. In fact, here are three times when more calls is NOT the answer:

1. When you’re saying the wrong things. Some salespeople are never adequately trained on what to say and what NOT to say… let alone how to say it. When you get salespeople like this on the phone with live prospects, not only is more calls NOT the answer, it’s detrimental. Because the more calls they make, the more prospects they have the potential to alienate. Not ideal.

2. When you’re targeting the wrong businesses. Let’s face it, all businesses are NOT created equal. Some have a lot of money. Some have a little. And some are in debt up to their eyeballs. Sell to a company like that, and good luck getting paid! When you make more calls to the wrong businesses, you are not just wasting your time, you may actually be doing more harm than good.

3. When you’re approaching the wrong people. Some salespeople do a terrible job of targeting and just end up getting to the wrong people. Maybe it’s not their fault. Maybe it’s like in the move Glen Garry Glen Ross. “The leads are weak.” In any event, if you’re calling the wrong people, in the wrong companies, and the wrong departments at the wrong time… if you’re approaching those with no need, no desire, no money, no budget and no ability to pay, then no amount of additional calls is going to improve your results.

So does this mean you should use it as an excuse not to make calls, hang up your phone and go home?

No. It means you should start dialing smarter instead of just faster.

For brand new distributors we have a training program called Getting Started. If you’re new to the industry and you have not been through this training or something as thorough and comparable, then I can virtually guarantee you are leaving money on the table and running the risk of alienating clients and losing business. You can get details on that program at

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Instant gratification. Sounds naughty, but it’s really nice!

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      Thank you so much, David, for this piece. It is a directed game-changer…

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