I was recently making a presentation for a group of top performing industry sales people when I came face-to-face with a startling realization. The rich really do get richer in promotional products sales!

Success begets success. Profitable selling begets profitable selling. Similarly, poor selling habits create poor selling results. Ineffective habits create ineffective results. As a result, the poor get poorer… until and unless they make a habit of successful action!

Positive Thinking is a Great First Step, but Virtually Worthless if Not Accompanied by Positive Action

It’s fun to think about driving a steady stream of qualified leads to your door, but it’s better to take the specific, positive actions that allow you to actually do it.

It’s nice to think about converting those qualified leads into profitable sales, but it’s better to take the specific, positive actions that make it happen.

It’s cool to think about retaining all the clients you’d create in the process of doing the two things above, but it’s better to take the specific, positive actions that would cause you to drive those leads, convert them into sales and retain the clients you create for the benefit of yourself and your loved ones.

In the airport recently, I ran into a multi-million dollar producer who said she wanted to get the Top Secrets system. Does she need it? Since she currently outperforms the average distributor by a factor of 10 to 1, one could certainly argue that she doesn’t. But her ongoing quest for knowledge and desire to be the best ensure that she will continue to be successful.

Many People Who Earn a Tenth of What She Does Already Think They’re Smart Enough

But who would you rather buy from? The top performer who remains open to new ideas and continues to learn? Or the average performer who knows it all?

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