5 elements of an effective sales procedure

Last week we discussed how a sales procedure is a series of steps or actions that are taken in a certain way, in a specific order, to ensure the best possible result. This week, we’ll take a look at some of those actions.

If you were to examine the best sales presentations you’ve ever done, (that is, the ones that created the best results for both you and your client), it is very likely that there were certain elements present.

1. You effectively targeted the right business or businesses. Many distributors waste enormous amounts of time and money targeting the wrong companies.

2. You accurately gathered the appropriate contact information. If you’re reaching the wrong people within an organization, your likelihood of success is darn close to zero. Reaching the right person or people within an organization is worth a lot. Reaching the wrong people is only valuable if they can help you get to the right people.

3. You initiated contact with the new prospect in a way that positioned you well and professionally. If you blow your first contact with a new prospect, it can be difficult, if not impossible to recover. If they see you as a product peddler instead of a solution provider, you could be dead in the water before you even start.

4. You followed up intelligently and methodically. You managed to reach them often enough to move the conversation forward without contacting them too much, driving them crazy or coming across as a stalker.

5. You qualified the prospect well enough to determine that they had the need for your product, the desire to purchase it, and enough money to be able to complete the transaction. You then determined the appropriate next steps based on the prospect’s situation.

If you’re thorough, you should have also examined the results you achieved — both good and bad — and then adapted or “tweaked” your approach to make it work even better next time.

The True Professionals in Our Industry Solidify Their Procedures to Create Consistent, Predictable Results

This provides structure, while still allowing for creativity. It provides a framework without coming across as canned or rigid.

When each of these important elements are present, we can be extremely successful at getting new clients. But if just one of these elements is missing, incomplete or performed incorrectly, the results can be disastrous.

To build a profitable client base, you’ll need to structure your sales procedure to target the right businesses, identify the appropriate contacts within each business, eliminate poor quality prospects quickly and build a strong rapport with the high quality prospects you actually want to have as clients.

You’ll want to use a tested, proven lead qualification procedure designed to ensure that none of the good ones slip through the cracks, and you’ll want to evaluate and improve your process every step of the way.

When you get this right, you will spend far less time with tire-kickers and far more time with valuable, solid, high quality prospects.

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