Failure is not an option in sales

Success procedures are critical in business. When I’m consulting clients, I frequently quote the line “failure is not an option” from the movie Apollo 13. It’s a mindset worth adopting. In this podcast we’ll discuss the importance of procedures in sales and how they lead from failure to success.

One Friday night, I was watching Apollo 13 with my kids, and I was struck by the number of time the word “procedure” was used.

NASA has procedures for everything, and if a new situation comes up for which they don’t have a procedure, they create one.

So in the movie, when the ship ran into trouble, they needed a procedure for adapting the command ship’s CO2 filters using only the materials they had on board. Later they needed a procedure for executing a burn to precisely correct their course without using their computer. One of the most pivotal scenes in the movie involves astronaut Ken Mattingly in a simulator, trying to create a systematic, step-by-step landing procedure that would work, given the limited amount of power they had left.

To many people, the idea of creating procedures sounds daunting. To some, it sounds restrictive, like if I have a process for something, I won’t be able to use my natural instincts and creativity.

But in reality, a procedure is nothing more than a series of steps or actions that are taken in a certain way, in a particular order to create a desired result.

The checklist used by airline pilots prior to takeoff is a good example of a procedure. If you’re flying, you would probably prefer your captain to follow that checklist procedure, rather than just going with his or her gut — literally winging it.

But tested, proven procedures are just as necessary and valuable to sales professionals and business owners as they are to pilots and astronauts.

In Fact, We All Need Success Procedures if We Want to Maximize Our Sales and Profits…

What is your procedure for targeting new clients?
What is your procedure for driving a steady stream of new leads to your door?
What is your procedure for qualifying those leads?
For converting those leads into profitable sales?
For generating repeat business?
For generating referral business?
For retaining existing clients?
Or for reactivating clients who haven’t ordered in a while?

Do you really want to be winging it when it comes to these important functions?

The truth of the matter is that effective procedures don’t limit you. They empower you. They don’t hold you back. They free you up. They don’t limit your creativity, they enhance it.

When we’re able to use our creativity inside a tested, proven, success framework, the sky’s the limit!

So what is your success procedure? What is the specific procedure you use to create consistent, positive results in your business?

Do you have one? If you don’t, can you see how that severely limits your earning potential?

Imagine Waking Up in the Morning Knowing You Have a Tested, Proven System in Place for Attracting, Qualifying and Converting Clients as You Need Them — Essentially at Will…

Won’t it feel incredible to not have to worry where your next sale is coming from? How much more confident will you feel? How much less will you have to worry about your competition and how much more will they have to worry about you?

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