Don't Give Up

Many people in sales are afraid of being a pest. Some aren’t sure how aggressive or persistent to be when following up with a client. “I don’t want to be a pest,” they’ll say. Or, “I don’t want to be too pushy.” But if we truly believe that a purchase is in the client’s best interest, shouldn’t we push as hard as possible?

If you knew a loved one was going rafting on particularly dangerous rapids, how hard would you push that person to wear a life jacket? Would you stay quiet for fear of being a pest? Would you say nothing to avoid offending them?

When We Know that What We are Offering Our Clients is In Their Best Interest, Our Fears of Being a Pest Should Disintegrate

When we truly care about our prospects, and know that what we’re offering is in their best interest, fears of being a pest should go out the window!

Naturally, we need to present the information in a way that will allow the prospect to be receptive to us, but if the offer is truly in their best interest, then we owe it to them to be as persistent as possible.

If you’re not absolutely convinced that the offer is in their best interest, why not?

If that’s the case go back and review what you’re offering, revisit their needs, and prescribe the promotional solution that is in their best interest.

But don’t let the fear of being a pest prevent you from helping your prospects and clients succeed.

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