Hot Button

Don’t recommend any promotional products solution to a prospect, without first finding out the “hot button” issues that are most important to them…

In relationship selling, it’s all about the relationship. So if you want things to go well, you must focus on the needs, wants and desires of your prospect… but you can’t do that until you know exactly what those needs are.

Focus 95% of Every Sales Presentation Exclusively on the Hot Button Issues Most Important to Your Prospects

Some salespeople will blow 80% of a sales presentation on small talk and dancing around the important issues. They feel they are building rapport, but in fact, they are often doing just the opposite.

To build rapport quickly, you must talk to your clients about the things that are of the most interest and benefit to them.

In the Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales system, I provide six questions that allow you to quickly establish rapport and begin to isolate your prospects most burning needs or “hot button” issues.

Whether you use my questions or make up your own is entirely up to you. But either way, it is critical to your success that you do this. Why? Because once your client’s most pressing issues have been revealed, it becomes simple to gear your entire presentation toward meeting those needs.

So Forget the Data Dump Presentation and Focus on What’s Most Important to Your Prospects!

Since 1998, Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales has helped to transform typical distributors into true promotional advisors. We do this by providing you with all the necessary tools and strategies you need.

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