If you’re ready to grow sales and profits, it’s time to take a look at your DKYA Prospects.

If you are struggling to reach the level of sales and profit that you need to grow and scale your business, I want to urge you to start thinking about and keeping track of an important metric that you have probably either not considered, or have not focused on addressing on a consistent basis.

It’s a number that directly impacts every business in business, and this number either works in your favor, or it works against you.

For brand new businesses, this number always starts out high, and much of your early success in any new business venture will come from your ability to reduce this number as quickly as possible.

But some businesses, particularly those who are bad at what they do — those who have a terrible reputation — are actually better off making sure this number remains high until you get your internal issues squared away.

So what am I talking about here? I’m talking about the very specific number of DKYA Prospects who current exist in your market.

Hi, and welcome back. In today’s episode, I’d like to introduce you to the very important topics of DKYA Prospects. If this topic is brand new to you, then I encourage you to pay very close attention.

Even if you’re already somewhat familiar with this concept, I want you to consider the direct impact it will have on your own success and the success of your business.

In either event, I will say this, ignore this number at your own peril.

First of all, this number is important and relevant whether you’re selling B2B, B2C, B2G, online, offline, some combination thereof, if you’re selling anything to anyone, you need to be aware of this number.

Second, this number is a direct reflection of your success or your failure at creating awareness of your business solution inside the market or markets that you have specifically selected.

So whether you’re a micro-business, targeting a really small number of customers, or global powerhouse targeting every human on the planet with a pulse, this number will provide a snapshot — like a mini-report card — to tell you how well or how badly you’re doing when it comes to creating awareness of your business, brand or solution.

As I indicated earlier, if you’re great at what you do, if you have an excellent reputation, then you will want to focus your efforts on reducing this number as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

This means most conscientious business owners who are serious about doing a great job for their customers or clients, are going to want to approach this number like your golf score. Try to get it as close to zero as humanly possible.

But if you are not yet doing a great job for your people, if you don’t yet have all of that dialed in, then you’ll want to fix that first.

So what am I talking about here when we refer to DKYA Prospects?

I’m referring to the very specific number of prospects in your market for the products and service you provide who do Don’t Know You’re Alive: DKYA.

For a local restaurant, this would be the number of people within driving distance of that restaurant who might like to eat there, but they don’t know know the place exists. DKYA.

For a real estate agent, it’s the number of people inside your target market who might consider engaging you to buy or sell a property, but they can’t because they don’t know you’re alive: DKYA.

For a print shop or promotional product business, it’s the number of people inside your own self-identified market – whether you define your market by geography or industry or program specialty or product specialty or some combination thereof – however you define it – it’s the ones who can’t buy from you because they DKYA, don’t know you’re alive.

In our work with clients, much of our focus is about creating awareness.

It’s about letting the people who could potentially buy from you, know who you are, know what you do, and know you’re alive, so they could make a thumbs up or thumbs down decision about whether or not they’d even like to give you a try.

And we do this in a number of ways.

It starts with three levels of targeting, designed to get YOU to the people who have the ability to spend the most money with you right now.

It continues with creating entry-levels awareness through first contact. This allows you to move people from not knowing you’re alive, to knowing you’re alive. Is that enough to get them to buy? Of course not, but it gets you into their world. It gives you a shot. It creates the possibility of business where no possibility currently exists.

From there, it’s about The Path — The Strategic Follow-Up.

And no, this does not mean simply badgering people into buying from you.

It means building relationships with a solid foundation.

Most people “wing it” when it comes to their sales process. Instead, we give you structures and frameworks you can follow so you can know, without a doubt, what your next step should be in each interaction with a prospect or client.

Of course, this goes far beyond just creating awareness with DKYA Prospects. After all, some of those prospects won’t be worth your time and attention. That’s why we’ll deliver a qualification procedure you can use to eliminate poor quality prospects as quickly as possible, so you can focus your time and attention on those who are most likely to spend the most money with you.

So if you’re great at what you do…

If you’re a smart, conscientious business owner or salespeople who does a great job for your customers or clients, but you know you are not yet getting to enough of the people you need to reach, then go to topsecrets.com/dkya to schedule a call with our team.

We’ll discuss your current situation, where you are now, vs. where you need to be in terms of visibility, sales and profits,

And whether or not we ever end up working together, we’ll still provide you with a lot of great ideas and recommendations on your next steps to make it happen.

So go to topsecrets.com/dkya and let’s see what we can do to reduce or eliminate the number of ideal clients who currently don’t know you’re alive!

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