The Mindset of Market Domination

I’m not a huge fan of all the “woo-woo” or “rah-rah” aspects of mindset that are preached by other people. But, there are a few solid, concrete aspects of mindset that need to be in place if you plan to dominate your market.

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.”

That seems to me to be a reasonable statement related to mindset. Because if you think you can do something, you’re a lot more likely to try it, and if you think you can’t do something, then you’re not very likely to try it at all. And if you don’t try, then it’s impossible to succeed, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

William Shakespeare stated it far more eloquently, when he said “Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”

So for me, a solid rule of mindset is that if you don’t have it right, you’re very unlikely to take the steps necessary to achieve success.

But what about the law of attraction stuff, the law of attraction mindset, which tells people that our thoughts alone will attract into our lives the people and circumstances we need to accomplish our goals?

While I like the idea of that, I think it’s at best incomplete and at worst, misleading. And some people take it to a “woo-woo” extreme by implying that it works all by itself. But I’ve never known anyone who has accomplished anything significant, just by wishing it into existence or attracting it with the mind.

But having said that, it’s certainly true that when we’re crystal clear about what we want, then we’re far more likely to notice the people, circumstances and opportunities that will allow us to get it. So my take is that while a law of attraction mindset may be a decent start, it’s no substitute for being consciously aware of opportunities and taking action on them.

So what does all this have to do creating top of mind awareness and dominating your market?

Well, it all starts with believing that it’s possible. Many people don’t. They can’t imagine a scenario in which the very best prospects for the products and services they offer, know who they are, know what they do and have the ability to choose them over every other option. And since they don’t believe it’s possible, they never take the very specific actions that would allow them to make it happen. So essentially, their lack of belief kills their opportunity before it ever has a chance to be born.

But here’s the truth. Every market has leaders and followers. And leaders dominate, while followers are often left fighting for the scraps. The leaders have the advantage of not just believing that it’s possible to dominate. They know it’s possible, because they’ve already done it.

So all you really have to do is look at your market and ask yourself: Who do you think is perceived as the leader for the products and services you offer? Is it you? Or is it someone else? Either way, it proves that leadership, and ultimately market domination, are possible. And if there’s currently no one in your market who’s seen as the leader, then shouldn’t that make it relatively easy for you to stake your claim to the title?

Market domination is happening all the time, in every different field and in every different market. But it doesn’t happen by accident.

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