Many people don’t think it’s possible to dominate their market, because they’ve never clearly identified exactly which market, businesses or individuals they need to reach.

In our last episode we explained the importance of mindset when it comes to market domination, and how if you don’t think it’s possible, you’ll never even attempt it. And it’s that failure to attempt it which ensures that the doubters will never achieve it.

But what about those who DO think it’s possible to dominate, but just don’t know how to do it?

For Those Who DO Believe it’s Possible to Dominate, It Starts with Targeting

What types of customers do you like interacting with? Those who are smart, focused, affluent and pleasant to deal with? Or those who are dull, scattered, broke and obnoxious?

OK, it’s a rhetorical question. But it’s designed to demonstrate that while many business owners and salespeople THINK they want to sell to everyone, the truth of the matter is quite different. And the only time we’ll even consider selling to someone we don’t like, don’t trust, don’t respect or can’t stand is when we are truly desperate. And that’s never a good position in which to find ourselves.

So if you want to dominate your market in a way that’s congruent with how you’d like to live your ideal life, then it’s best to choose your initial target markets based on your best fit — meaning the people and businesses you actually want to interact with.

So who do you like interacting with? What types of people or businesses? If you’re selling B2B, would you prefer selling to bankers or plumbers? Lawyers or electricians? Business owners or purchasing agents?

What’s you gut feel? Or better yet, what does your own experience tell you?

Whenever we set out to dominate a market, it’s a test. And the purpose of the test is to find out if we’ve chosen well. If we did, great, we can continue. And if we’ve chosen poorly, we can find that out quickly enough to change course and target a different market that might work out better, before it’s too late.

This is a far better approach than the one taken by those who find themselves living for years, or even decades, in a market they hate, or can barely tolerate, because they mistakenly think they have no other options.

Which Market or Markets are Even Worthy of Your Time?

In our Total Market Domination course, we directly address the topic of worthy markets and sub-markets. Because if the market you’re targeting is not worthy of your time, meaning they don’t have the need, desire, budget, money or the willingness to spend it with you, then you are wasting your time and you need to change your approach!

Is your market large enough? Do they have a demonstrated need for the products and services you offer? Does it provide a minimum 7 figure potential for you? And even if the answer is yes, how will you manage all that?

What’s the best approach to take to create awareness and dominate your market?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then how will you ever succeed in making it happen?

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