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One of the major reasons that some of the most promising new salespeople fail to make it in the promotional products industry is that they lack the specific knowledge that would allow them to succeed.

Initially, their passion is contagious and that alone may result in some sales. But without the specific knowledge that allows them to objectively outperform the competition in all key areas of customer contact, make intelligent, targeted product recommendations and avoid the twelve fatal mistakes of promotional products salespeople, they are at a distinct disadvantage.

A Tale of Two Salespeople

Picture two identical salespeople. Both brand new to the industry. Both hungry and exceptionally motivated.

Give one some catalogs, a telephone and a Google listing of local businesses. Give the other the same thing, but first, provide a complete grounding in the industry. Take that rep through the process of establishing their financial goals, understanding how to leverage the promotional products industry to their maximum advantage, and how to build a client base proactively.

Watch as the untrained sales rep squanders his or her enthusiasm, in all directions, on unqualified prospects, while trying to figure things out. Meanwhile, the properly trained sales rep is able to focus full attention on the business of methodically creating a client base that grows in value every day.

Knowing What to Do Makes All the Difference in the World!

Psychologists have determined that those who don’t know what to do, inevitably end up following the lead of those around them. This often results in a situation where everyone is following everyone else, but no one knows where they are going. Don’t do that to your salespeople. Get your salespeople the knowledge and training they need first, before placing them in front of real live prospects!

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